Sponsorship Opportunities

The Experience & Loyalty Forum enables you to position your company as a leader at a time when key, senior-level decision-makers and executives are eager to learn and ready to discover & examine tools and solutions that can make their lives easier and save their companies time and money.

As a Sponsoring Partner you will:

  • Have access to decision-makers
  • Raise awareness of your company and solutions
  • Collaborate with prospects & clients in a positive and interactive learning environment
  • Amplify your message in a setting of heightened receptiveness
  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Participate in dialogue on top issues and concerns of industry leaders
  • Gain industry insight and future trends

Becoming a Sponsoring Partner is easy!  We offer partnership packages at many investment levels.  Each package will provide you brand-building exposure and facilitated introductions on-site. Contact us at

Presenting Partnerships

Thought Leadership Keynote Presentation

As a Thought Leadership Keynote, you will have 20 minutes to convey your key messages and raise your profile amongst industry leaders in this captured audience. This is truly your time to showcase your company and its key executive as a leader in the industry.

Client Case Study Presentation

In a client case study presentation your company co-presents with one of your clients. In this 30 minute interactive presentation, you will be able to demonstrate how your company’s products and solutions are actively being used. In addition, your client will receive additional promotion and billing due to using your company, which goes a long way in building loyalty.


The Chairperson is the “face” of the Forum and the event’s biggest advocate. The Chairperson is responsible for kicking off the Forum and closing each day’s event. And, by using his/her personal experience and expertise along with the Forum content will keep people energized throughout the event. The Chairperson also introduces each speaker providing tremendous face time with the speaking faculty and the audience.

Panel Moderator/Panelist

Joining a panel as a moderator or the panelist gives you unbridled access to 2-5 (depending on the panel) executive-level industry leaders that will be joining you on the panel. In addition, it is a very low-key way to show-off your industry knowledge and perspectives throughout the audience.

Workshop Leader

Leading one of the limited Workshops, provides you 1 ¼ hours of flexible delivery format with a captive smaller portion of the audience that has strong interest in your topic and solutions. The Workshops are held concurrently with Interactive Discussions as well as our exhibition time. During a workshop you have the ability to provide hands-on access to your solutions in order to demonstrate the benefits your products and solutions would provide the audience. In addition, you can co-present with a client to assist in bringing the content to life by showing a real-world working scenario of your solution in real-time.

Interactive Breakout Discussion Leader

A variety of Interactive Breakout Discussions are hosted during the course of the Forum. These Interactive Breakout Discussions are run concurrently against Workshops or other Interactive Breakout Discussions; and are more informal discussions with approximately 5-8 participants that have a mutual interest in the topic and look forward to the insights and interactions with their peers.

Food and Beverage Partnerships

Cocktail Reception & Giveaway Partnership

What do most executives want after a long-day of educational content? Networking with their peers over a cocktail is the most common answer to that question! We will work with you in developing a signature cocktail and have prominent signage throughout the Forum as well as during the cocktail reception. You can supply coasters and/or napkins with your company logo branded on them so you are literally in each attendees hands; plus you have the opportunity to do a giveaway if you so choose. There are very few better ways to stay top-of-mind with potential clients than sponsoring the cocktail reception.

Dinner Partnership

As one of our exclusive Dinner Partners, your organization will be promoted as the Dinner Partner throughout the event as well as will have your logo and company name printed on table-tents on each and every table throughout the dinner, providing your company with great exposure to the entire audience. In addition to your dedicated tables in which you can invite up to 15 attendees to join you at a reserved table, you will have 10 minutes to address the entire audience prior to dinner allowing you the opportunity to have a captive audience of existing and potential clients to hear from you and your company in an informal manner.

Luncheon Partnership

There’s no more captivated audience than a hungry group of executives mid-day at an educational conference. As our Luncheon Partner, you will have 5 minutes to address this attentive group of existing and potential clients, have your company name and logo showcased on cards on every lunch table as well as signage in the lunch room. You will showcase your organization as the leader in the industry that wants to keep people fed.

Breakfast Partnership

They say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; why not use a Breakfast Partnership to start the day with great sales exposure. Your partnership support allows all attendees to enjoy a hearty breakfast rather than coffee & donuts, while you benefit from the added exposure through prominent signage throughout the Breakfast area.

Networking Refreshment Break Partnership

Can you remember ever attending a conference or event in which the Networking Refreshment Breaks were not welcomed by all attendees? Here’s the opportunity to connect your brand with the Forum attendees during one of our Networking Breaks. You will receive additional signage, exposure and recognition during the course of the event materials and we can even try to “theme” the break around your organization in the selection of the menu.

All Day Coffee and Tea Partnership

We strive to avoid the dreaded “conference coma” through our interactive and discussion-based format of our content; but we still know that’s no substitute for caffeine that most executives are accustomed to having flow into them throughout the day. Get great brand exposure with logo napkins and on to-go cups at the specialty Coffee & Tea Bar that will be in a prominent location near your exhibition space and is sure to drive traffic to you.

Branding Partnerships

Entertainment Sponsor

What better way to separate yourself from the pack than being the company that is providing entertainment and fun to the Forum attendees? As the Entertainment Partner you will work with us in selecting fun entertainment ranging from hypnotism shows, music to comedians and more. With the Entertainment Partnership, you will introduce the entertainment to the entire audience and have signage and recognition given throughout the entire Forum.

Celebrity Keynote Sponsor

Bringing in a “Big-Name, Celebrity” Keynote to the Forum is an opportunity limited to one organization. You will work with team members in selecting potential Celebrity Keynotes. You will have 10 minutes of speaking time prior to the Celebrity Keynote as well as have the opportunity to introduce the Keynote. This unique opportunity will provide you with great exposure and help attendees remember your company name in the future.

Charging Station Sponsor

As mobile phones, tablets and laptops continue to be used throughout the day so executives can stay in touch with their offices, social media applications as well as viewing the Online Forum Event Guide, batteries are sure to drain. By sponsoring a Charging Station, you allow the attendees to network while charging their electronic devices. The Charging Station Partner will be able to brand the Charging Station and the surrounding area with signage near your exhibit space allowing you great exposure and traffic throughout the Forum.

Attendee Bag Sponsor

As the official Bag Sponsor of the event, your corporate identity and branding gets maximum exposure on the side of each and every attendee tote bag that are carried and used not only during the Forum but long afterwards.

Lanyard Sponsor

One of the few ways to have walking advertisement promoting your brand and company name is by having all attendees “wear” the name of your company around their necks throughout the entire Forum.

Massage and Relaxation Lounge Sponsor

If you want to have the most popular area at the Forum then this is an opportunity not to be missed! We will work with you in arranging massage therapists to provide neck, back and foot massages for our attendees as well as an area to relax. You will be able to provide your own signage and collateral in this area so that attendees taking advantage of this “downtime” will walk away knowing who your company is.

Wi-Fi Sponsor

Staying connected is imperative to our senior-level attendees. As the Forum’s Wi-Fi Partner your company information will be provided to each attendee upon registering when they receive the Wi-Fi information; in addition your company will receive recognition and prominent logo displays throughout all materials and signage as being the Wi-Fi Partner. By sponsoring Free Wi-Fi throughout the event space you can be assured of being one of the most popular vendors at the event.

Room Key Sponsorship

Looking at ways to get your company’s name and logo in front of every attendee multiple times throughout the Forum isn’t always an easy task; Putting your company’s logo on the hotel room keys is one sure way to say “hello” and “good night” to attendees every time they enter their room.

Exhibition Partnerships


An Exhibitor gains equal billing and exhibit space regardless of company size. It provides you an excellent opportunity to collect qualified leads, meet potential clients, build relationships with existing customers and showcase your products and solutions throughout the course of the
Forum. All exhibit spaces are located along the perimeter of the space used for the Interactive Breakout Discussions, Networking Breaks and more; so your exposure will definitely reach the entire audience.