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Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. It empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. Zendesk products are easy to use and implement. They give organizations the flexibility to move quickly, focus on innovation, and scale with their growth.

Zendesk was built upon a simple idea: Make customer service software that’s easy to use and accessible to everyone. The company has expanded on that idea, and now offers a growing family of products that work together to improve customer relationships, and can be embedded and extended through an open development platform.

More than 87,000 paid customer accounts in over 150 countries and territories use Zendesk products.

Based in San Francisco, Zendesk has operations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. Learn more at www.zendesk.com.

Global Solutions, formerly LoyaltyOne Consulting, a division of LoyaltyOne, helps you anticipate consumer needs, deepen interactions and enhance tomorrow’s experiences by transforming data into action, using advanced analytics and expertise in motivating shopper behavior. Operating in Canada, the U.S. and several markets around the world, Global Solutions provides unparalleled insights that energize behavior change, help you anticipate and adapt to what’s next to enhance the experiences of tomorrow and deliver actionable solutions, developed from first-hand experience, to drive towards mutual success.

Next Caller identifies your unknown, inbound callers to eliminate the need to spell information letter-by-letter over the phone. Not only does this save time and money, but also makes the experience more seamless for agents and callers alike. Additionally, Next Caller provides such information as street address, email addresses, demographics and social media profiles to connect the dots across the customer journey and help you deliver a truly omni-channel experience. Capturing Next Caller’s detailed demographic and contact data allows marketers to personalize and segment outreach, as well as reaching customers through alternative channels. www.nextcaller.com