Day 1
May 10, 2018
Day 2
May 11, 2018

The Future of Customer Experience: Will Customer Service = Marketing in 2018?

In this interactive session, we will examine a how the future of customer service will connect marketing, sales, service and back-office operations to deliver a seamless journey.

Engaging Consumers Right in the Palm of Their Hand

In this session we will examine: Examining mobile data to understand consumer behaviors Identifying how to avoid being too intrusive and alienating your customer Mastering how to integrate your message...
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Shift Happens! How to Communicate, Engage, Inspire and Facilitate Business-Driven Change to Your Team

In this interactive session we will hear and exchange ideas as to how to best: Communicate change to customer service staff Examine the needed skill-sets in this changing and evolving...
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Best Practices for Interpreting the Voice of Your Customer

In this interactive session, we will hear a variety of best practices as to how organizations are cutting through the clutter and driving customer engagement and reaping the rewards of...
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Digital & Social Don’t Reach Everyone: Engaging the Tech-Averse Consumer

In this session, we will look at, among other things: Strategies to overcome the barrage of clutter the ultra-sophisticated digital consumer receives Ideas on reaching those unsophisticated consumers through traditional...
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Industry Specific Roundtables

Retail/CPG, Hospitality/Travel, Telecommunications/Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment/Sports/Leisure, etc. We will split the group into roundtable discussions split by industry so that specific questions and challenges can be examined with industry...
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Developing Learning for Quality Customer Interactions

This session investigates how we prepare agents today to ensure a customer leading focus.

Gaining Loyalty by Keeping Customers Front & Center

This session will focus on ways to utilize CRM, loyalty, and innovative approaches focused on cognition, connection and immersion to create a high-level of engagement and loyalty with your customers.

Loyalty in 2018 & Beyond – Keeping Your Company Shining Bright in Your Customers’ Eyes

This interactive session will provide you a better understanding of today’s customer loyalty factors that will assist you in driving revenue in 2018 and beyond.  We will examine a variety...
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Interactive Breakout Discussions

It’s Not All Fun & Games, OR Is It?  Utilizing Gamification to Enhance Your Brand Building a World Class Contact Center of the Future Listening to Fan/Guest Feedback to Improve...
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Is Business Success Affected by Customer Experiences?

This session will examine if and how customer experiences affect business success.  We will examine not only domestic but international examples as to how customer experiences are influencing business success.

Navigating the Multi-Device Universe: Creating Consistent Content Across Multiple Platforms

Keeping your customers engaged is critical to your bottom line, not only do you need to anticipate what they want, but now you need to figure out how and where...
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Customer Experience Trendspotting – What Is the Future of Customer Experience?

Companies who can stay on top of ever changing customer behavior and create a truly differentiated experience might just be the ones who will lead the pack.

Interactive Breakout Discussions

Customer Journey Management & Mapping for Future Business Success How to Sell More Tickets, Rooms, Seats, Products, etc. – Marketing & Sales Best Practices of 2018 Social Media’s Pay to...
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Making Connections: Utilizing Digital Channels to Create Emotional and Personalized Connections

This session will examine items such as: Ways to engage customers and build loyalty across their total community Best practices of identifying and enlisting key stakeholders to create the best CX...
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Creating a Digital CX Command Center to Secure Customer Retention

This session will examine how a Digital Command Center can help you generate better customer experiences and secure customer retention.

Fake News! Protecting the Customer Experience Against Brand Fraud

With reports of “fake news” hitting the social media “news wires”, fraudulent customer care accounts and ongoing threats of social media and email phishing attacks hitting customers, what can you...
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Interactive Breakout Discussions

Managing Millennials to Ensure Excellent Customer Care Creating Better Customer Experiences to Drive Customer Loyalty and Higher Profits Social ROI: Strengthening the Link Between Social Media and Business Success “Design...
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Agile Customer Engagement in a Real-Time World

In this session, we will: Define your customer expectations and assess your company’s ability to deliver on them Discuss technology solutions available today Determine how to fill your gaps

Using Customer Advocacy & Brand Passion to Drive Revenue-Producing Behaviors

In this session, we will introduce the twin concepts of customer advocacy and brand passion to develop an effective segmentation of customers.

Be a Brilliant Marketer through Effective Customer Segmentation and Persona Building

The following key issues will be discussed, among other items: Basics of segmentation and persona building How the best marketers develop and use dynamic segments

CRM Tactics of the Future: What Does Customer Relationship Management Really Mean Today?

This interactive session will discuss what executives consider to be the best CRM tactics of today and the future.

Loyalty ≠ Discount – Creating a Winning Loyalty Program that is More than Offering Discounts

In this session, we will have an open and interactive discussion as to how you can create a winning loyalty program.

Developing Great Customer Experience through Marketing Insights

The following key issues will be discussed: Where and how marketing can best influence and support CX? What is the role of content, advertising and other marketing communications in building...
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Know Thy Customer: The Customer-Centric Approach to Effective Marketing

Marketers must mine through the immense data field to pinpoint which consumer touchpoints will proliferate and consider contextual experiences such as consumer behavior, demographics and environment. In this session, we...
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Campfire Conversation: Tracking Success & Finding Value: Proving the Impact of your Digital Efforts with Solid KPI’s, Metrics & Benchmarks

In this interactive campfire conversation, we will share best practices and lessons learned as well as discuss topics such as: Determining which quantitative and qualitative methods you can use to...
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Interactive & Fun Group Activity

Details to be Announced (Examples: Beach/Watersports, Boat Tour / Catamaran, Fishing, Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt, etc.)