Day 1
November 14, 2019
Day 2
November 15, 2019

The Importance of Establishing a CX Vision

One critical component of a CX strategy is a sound CX vision. It provides direction to your organization; on the role you should be playing in your customer’s lives and...
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Michelle Musgrove | AARP

How to Ensure your Customers Feel Your Brand Versus Your Infrastructure

Most companies take an inside-out approach, rather than an outside-in approach when servicing customers. Companies are often more concerned about what works for them than they are concerned for the...
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Marian Favors | KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc.

Rolling Out Global CX Measurement Programs in a Highly Matrixed Organization

CX transformation requires companies to quantify the quality of experiences and their link to the organization’s overall metrics. And, in an organization that shares power among multiple perspectives, it is...
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Shaun Hill | Equifax, Inc.

Creating Impactful and Meaningful Customer Experiences

With customer expectations continually changing, it is critical that brands can personalize customer interactions that are consistent across all touchpoints. In this interactive session, we will share what CX means...
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Shelly Glenn | American Oncology Network, LLC

Enabling Customer Experience in a Multi-Vertical B2B environment

In larger B2B environments, getting CX off the ground can be difficult given the many cultural and technology differences and the relatively smaller number of clients.  In this session, Scott...
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Scott Cooper | Verisk

Measuring & Analyzing Data for Improved CX and Improved Loyalty

Whether you are in business for a year or a hundred years, repeat and loyal customers are critical to year over year profitability and long term growth. There are many...
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Dan Coomes | Northwestern Mutual

Driving Engagement Through Data

Data is everywhere today; and it can become overwhelming; but we can’t forget that data is a tool. Data should be leveraged to drive customer engagement and business results. Marketers...
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Greg Ambrose | Cineplex Entertainment

Wait, What? Customer Experience Inside Sales Enablement

What do you do when your B2B organization doesn’t know what “customer experience”(CX) means and is struggling to modernize and manage change? In this session, we’ll hear Natalie Burge, NFP’s...
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Natalie Burge | NFP

Customer Journey Management & Mapping for Future Business Success

Discuss best practices in Customer Journey Mapping, securing top-down buy-in, and success stories. Attendees will uncover how they can use customer journey mapping within their own organization to visualize the...
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Ali Lichtenstein | Dow Jones

The Role of Empathy in Customer Experience

Town Hall-style discussion where we will compare and contrast customer experience challenges in two very different business environments with a focus on the role of empathy
Erica Sackett | New York Life Direct
Julie Ryan | Johnson & Johnson

Closing Remarks

Jason Dupuis | PM Pediatrics

What’s Your “Secret Sauce”?

The secret sauce is the “magic” and your competitive edge. In this interactive session, we will discuss the idea of the secret sauce and how you can explain how you...
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Jason Dupuis | PM Pediatrics

Leveraging the Employee Experience to Drive Customer Experience

How does the employee experience impact customer experience? Engaged, empowered employees are a critical element to create engaged and happy customers. It’s easy to see how employee engagement and satisfaction...
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Chuck Kriss | American Integrity Insurance Group

Implement your Digital CX Transformation Successfully

Digital transformations require the alignment of processes, technology, people, and also your organization’s leadership. Creating a stronger level of customer-centricity through digital transformation and seamless customer journeys can be the...
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Vikram Jadhav | LACERS

Digital Delivery: Customer Care Content That is Useful and Utilized

Today’s customers want to be able to self-serve online on their own time, but often digital content fails them. Taking to social media, email, chat and voice, they then get...
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Sally Yagan | McGraw-Hill

Using Resiliency to Bounce Forward

With information available at their fingertips, customer expectations are to get what they want, when they want it. Few organizations aren’t passing those expectations down to their teams causing employees...
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Mark Altman | MindsetGo

What’s Your EQ? Using Empathy & Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Marketing and CX Goals

Creating an experience that engages customers and employees so that they feel valued, respected and understood is the goal of every customer-facing business. A level of mutual engagement is the...
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Rhonda Basler | Hallmark Business Connections

Building a Loyalty Program That Turns One-Time Shoppers into your Best Brand Advocates

Shoppers today have more choices and frequently switch brands. So, in order to succeed, brands need more than a great product and unique marketing plans to stand-out; they need to...
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Where Do You Find Your Customer Service SuperStars?

Too many times we rush new employees to the front-lines unprepared against the determined customer and end up putting out the light in our employees’ eyes before they even have...
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Closing Remarks

Jason Dupuis | PM Pediatrics