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Day 1
May 10, 2018
Day 2
May 11, 2018

Using Feedback to Improve Engagement and Experiences

This session, will examine methods as how to better “listen” to your customer and in turn use that feedback to improve the overall customer experience through better engagement.
Shelly Glenn | Florida Cancer Specialists

Shift Happens! How to Communicate, Engage, Inspire and Facilitate Business-Driven Change to Your Team

In this interactive session we will hear and exchange ideas as to how to best: Communicate change to customer service staff Examine the needed skill-sets in this changing and evolving...
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Lacey Bochantin | Monsanto
Todd Coutee | Lubys Fuddruckers Restaurants

Voice of the Customer (VoC) in Today’s Digital World

In this interactive session, we will discuss best practices on how to cut through the clutter and drive customer engagement while reaping the rewards of improved customer relations.
Abby Covert | Etsy, Inc.

Digital & Social Doesn’t Reach Everyone: Engaging the Tech-Averse Consumer

How do we reach and engage with the very unsophisticated and the very ultra-sophisticated prospective customer base with money to spend?

Implementing “New” Self Service to Improve Customer Experiences while Reducing Costs

Companies that are able to add multiple self-service channels, including SMS, can take advantage of advanced and sophisticated automation, but the reality is most organizations aren’t even allowed to change...
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Lance Gruner | Mastercard

It’s Not All Fun & Games, OR Is It? Utilizing Gamification to Enhance Your Brand

In this session, we will examine ways that you can incorporate gamification to create excitement and encourage better retention of key messages.
Jonathan Nouri | Hilton

Gaining Loyalty by Keeping Customers Front & Center

We will present ways to utilize CRM, loyalty, and innovative approaches focused on cognition, connection and immersion to create a high-level of engagement and loyalty with your customers.

Loyalty Programs Do Drive Effective Business Intelligence and Increase Sales

Join Ryder in this discussion-based presentation sharing insight into how their loyalty program has increased sales.
Stephanie Wicky | Ryder System, Inc.

Interactive Breakout Discussions

Understanding How to Provide Opportunities for Fans & Guests to Engage with Your Brand with Personal Messaging Building a World Class Contact Center of the Future Leveraging Voice Analytics to...
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Creating Moments That Matter: How Hallmark Empowers Frontline Associates to Deliver a Personalized Customer Experience

In this interactive and discussion-based session, we will take a look at Hallmark and other organizations empower their associates to create a personalized customer experience.
Belinda Holiday | Salt River Project
Rhonda Basler | Hallmark

Navigating the Multi-Device Universe: Creating Consistent Content Across Multiple Platforms

Keeping your customers engaged is critical to your bottom line, not only do you need to anticipate what they want, but now you need to figure out how and where...
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Meg Ryan | Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena

Aviation and the Future of Customer Experience: Enhancing CX by Partnering with Government Agencies

In this session, we will discuss ways that CX is growing throughout the travel/aviation industry and how working with government agencies has assisted.
Kevin Smith | DFW International Airport

Interactive Breakout Discussions

Customer Journey Management & Mapping for Future Business Success How to Sell More Tickets, Rooms, Seats, Products, etc. – Marketing & Sales Best Practices of 2018 Social Media’s Pay to...
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Leveraging the Intersection of Technology and Data to Fuel the Transformation of Marketing and Customer Loyalty

With ever-changing technology in marketing, how are we meant to keep up and what should we be prioritizing to ensure that we remain competitive, build success and keep customer loyalty? ...
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Rebecca Huling | FedEx Services

Location-Based Marketing is More than Mobile Marketing: Utilizing Mobile Data & Smart Technologies to Provide More Effective Customer Experiences

In this session, we will examine best practices as to how organizations are utilizing various location-based services to improve the CX they provide and what it has meant to their...
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Asif Khan | Location Based Marketing Association

Interactive Breakout Discussions

Managing Millennials to Ensure Excellent Customer Care Creating Better Customer Experiences to Drive Customer Loyalty and Higher Profits Social ROI: Strengthening the Link Between Social Media and Business Success “Design...
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Designing a World-Class Incentive Program and Consumer Experience to Improve Health and Increase Loyalty

In this interactive case-study-style session, Humana will share insight into how they have created an incentive program that ties in Consumer Experience to improve health and increase loyalty.
Stuart Slutzky | Humana Wellness Solutions

Winning at Amazon! How Wahl Clippers is Utilizing Customer-Centric Marketing in Today’s Digital World

Join this session to learn how Wahl Clippers is utilizing customer-centric marketing, we will look at such things as: Boosting process agility to serve much micro-targeting and ever-changing preferences Refining...
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Steven Yde | Wahl Clipper Corp

Brand Identity: Creating Unforgettable Experiences to Build Loyalty

Your brand identity is the total perception of your brand in the marketplace.  Brands evoke emotions, delight us and feel familiar and reliable.  So how do you use your brand...
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Gokben Cramer | Jaguar Land Rover

CRM Tactics of the Future: What Does Customer Relationship Management Really Mean Today?

This interactive session will discuss what executives consider to be the best CRM tactics of today and the future.

Why “Effortless Experience” Beats “Delight” Every Time!

Join us in this engaging session to hear how one company is making “effortless experience” their priority.
Sara Laskey | The MetroHealth System

Building a Customer Experience Function Focused on Governance & Culture

AARP has created a high value and personalized experience across the entire enterprise and is supported by a culture that puts the needs and interests of AARP members, prospects and...
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Michelle Musgrove | AARP

Campfire Conversation: Tracking Success & Finding Value: Proving the Impact of your Digital Efforts with Solid KPI’s, Metrics & Benchmarks

In this interactive campfire conversation, we will share best practices and lessons learned as well as discuss topics such as: Determining which quantitative and qualitative methods you can use to...
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Interactive & Fun Group Activity

Details to be Announced (Examples: Beach/Watersports, Boat Tour / Catamaran, Fishing, Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt, etc.)